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Biography | CD “Keeping Love Alive”

Keeping Love Alive

A silver throated singer. His sounds are soft and compelling ballads in English, Spanish, Italian and French TEDDY GREAVES has finally jumped on the reggae bandwagon keeping love alive with old hits ! Born in Kingston, Jamaica with a song in his heart, he has been singing ever since all over his native land. Throughout the West Indies, the Bahamas and The U.S. In his spare time radio shows, diplomatic parties and a appearance on the the Tonight Show. Stints on most of the major luxury liners taking him to Europe, Asia, Africa & the Caribbean. He is at home with Calypso, Jazz, Island Songs & Soca. Holds the audience with his infectious smile and great voice, it is not just his voice that would be enough, a tremendously talented musician. A magnetic personality, in short a professional. When he sings you listen. Teddy is now making his way to the top of the class with his new CD in reggae style. Residing now in beautiful Bermuda, Teddy continues to wow his audience, you can see and hear Teddy at most of the major hotels in Bermuda QUOTES: Miami Star: “Teddy Greaves an Island must”, Freeport News: “An accomplished musician as well as a thrilling singer” This week in Hollywood: “Teddy possesses tremendous range and quality. A professional rich tone that delights the listener” The Tonight Show: “Professional in every sense of the word.” Caribbean Woman: “His voice transports you into a realm of peace and tranquility Its like a gentle wind through the trees or water gliding over the stones quickened by the tropical beat of drum rhythms. Your joys alone will be remembered and your sorrows will go to sleep awhile”

Keeping Love Alive "Keeping Love Alive" (2000)
  1. Shame and Scandal (Brown, Elliott)
  2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)
  3. Endlessly (Clyde Otis, Brook Benton)
  4. Country Road ( James Taylor)
  5. Green Green Grass ( Tom Jones)
  6. Sometimes When We Touch ( D. Hill, B. Mann)
  7. Sweet For My Sweet ( Pompus, Shumann)
  8. Evergreen ( B. Streisand, Paul Williams)
  9. Just The Two Of Us ( B. Whithers, R. McDonald, W. Salter)
  10. Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb)
  11. Hooked On A Feeling (Mark James)
  12. Only You (A. Lindgren)
  13. Before The Next Teardrop (V. Keith, B. Peters)

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