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by Deon Mattis (Irie FM)

Deon Mattis

One might be confused at first glance... MoBay...Is this the group, the CD, or the city on the north coast of the Caribbean paradise island? After listening I am sure you will agree with me, all the above and more. MoBay has captured the essence of Jamaica, each song being a thread in the fabric woven highlighting the various aspects important to all true Jamaicans. Love, one love, equal rights and justice, man and woman love, acceptance, Love of beauty and love of country, and a deep desire to be the best today to ensure a perfect tomorrow.

Just read the song titles and the REGGAE ROCK story unfolds. Give me love sunshine reggae. I surrender no man is perfect. Equal rights and justice, we need love lionman. Dream on all these years, win your love. One destiny what makes me different?

You will definitely feel the pulse of Jamaica. The heartbeat of the people...
One Love.


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