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about MoBay...
In the continuing interpretation of the beautiful harmony of the Reggae beat. Emerges a fresh new happy expression, the creation of Phillip "Termite" Roane. The culmination of an on going exposure of three artistes,
E.T.Webster, Chokey Taylor, and Yishka, singular for five years and now the collective efforts over the past year has finally blossomed into a presentation on CD of melodies never before expounded enriching the fulfillment of the soul.

MoBay "MoBay" (1999)
  1. Give me love
  2. Sunshine reggae(Stanl/Guldberg)
  3. I surrender
  4. No one is perfect
  5. Equal rights and justice
  6. We need love
  7. Lion man
  8. Dream on
  9. All these years
  10. Win your love
  11. One destiny
  12. What make me different

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