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Errol "E.T." Webster gives you both sides of the story to add to your collection. The two new CDs "E.T. Webster Sings Golden Hits"- a collection of love songs which take you along a trail of nostalgia, and "Freedom Fighter"- a social commentary on issues about which he feels strongly are definitely for your listening pleasure. This artiste and songwriter continues to draw on the many genre of music, exciting his audiences whether on our local circuit or on stages across Jamaica, and USA and Europe.
It began at an early age for 'E.T.' a 'bawn a bay' who participate in many local talent shows in developing his talent. He signed with Billy Vernon and the Celestials in the early seventies, which at the time at the time was a leading show band and spent 3 years with them, honing his skills and performing in many of the island's leading hotels. During that time, he made his first international appearance touring with the band to California.

'E.T.' subsequently launched out on his own to become a professional singer and has not looked back. His name has become a household one in Jamaica, back by a long list of releases and popular hits which have warmed the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Among them are:
"Can We Meet" - a ballad which rode the RJR Top Ten Charts for many weeks
"Music Is Life" (1987 hit single) - taken from the album of the same name.

Since his first CD "Hit A Bomb" released in Europe, there have been 8 others including these 2 CDs "Freedom Fighter" and "E.T.Webster Sings Golden Hits".
The others are:
**Album "Music Is Life"- released in Jamaica.
**Album "Musical Explosion"- released in Jamaica.
**Album "Reflections"- released in Europe.
**Album "Lament Of A Dread"- released in Europe.
**Album "Mankind"- released in Europe.
**Album "Changes"- released in Europe.
**CD "Freedom Fighter"- released in Holland.Produced by Barry O'Hare (Grove Music).
**CD "E.T.Webster Sings Golden Hits"- released in Jamaica. Produced by Phillip 'Termite' Roane (Mr&Ms Records).
**CD "Colour You"- released in Jamaica. Produced by Phillip 'Termite' Roane (Mr&Ms Records).

'E.T.' has opened concerts for superstars such as Billy Paul, Manhattans, ChiLites, Ronnie Dyson, Chuck Jackson and has appeared on numerous concerts with all the leading local artistes around the island. He has shared billing in Florida with the likes of Heavy D. Cocoa Tea, PaPa San, Super Cat, Inner Circle and Culture. Among others, he appeared on the internationally acclaimed Reggae Sunsplash twice and in his second year stole the spotlight at the annual beach party where he was acclaimed most outstanding performer.
Other noteworthy performances include:
**The Bob Marley Day 15th Annual Festival at long Island Beach Arena, California 1996.
**Third World's 20th Anniversary Concert, Montego Bay, Jamaica
**Reggae Rama Concert, Winnipeg, Canada 1996.
**Ethopian New Year Celebration by Rastafari Organization 1996.
**Two consecutive Reggae Sumfest shows 1996&1997.
**Two All That Heritage & Jazz Festival.
**African Liberation Show 1996.Montego Bay Unity Concert 1997.
He also gets involved in community work as a means of using music to uplift and unite the youths of 'down press' areas.

"Colour You " (2001)
Colour You

Sings Freedom Fighter Changes

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